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  • A track record to be proud of

    Horseracing in Britain is among the world's best regulated animal activities. The 14,000 horses in training enjoy a level of care and a quality of life virtually unsurpassed by any other domesticated animal.

  • A duty of care

    The very best veterinary care is provided for our racehorses. Since 2000, British Racing has invested over £32 million in Veterinary Research and Education. 

  • British Racing is open and transparent about risk

    Within the last 20 years, the equine fatality rate in British Racing has fallen by one-third (from 0.3% to 0.2% of all runners).

  • A world leader in welfare

    The regulators and riders in our part of the racing world should be applauded for having an attitude light years ahead of many other racing nations." Journalist Lee Mottershead on British Racing's approach to dealing with use of the whip.

  • Providing a great life after racing

    There are currently over 11,500 former racehorses registered as active in other equine disciplines outside of racing, including Polo, Showing, Dressage and Eventing, as well all those happily engaged in hacking and exercising.

  • A track record to be proud of

    The population of racehorses in Great Britain is among the healthiest and best looked after 2% of horses in the country. The sport’s investment in Veterinary Research brings benefits for the entire population of horses in Britain.

  • A World Leader in Welfare

    British Racing’s own self-imposed and enforced welfare standards far exceed existing national animal welfare legislation.

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